The Midlands landscape is a fascinating and ever-changing subject that provides an incredible range of visual resources from which to work. After working 30 years on Main Street in Columbia I decided to retire and pursue a career in art from my home in Lexington. Learning oil painting has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.


Corporate Viewpoints Series

The first series I put on canvas, which I named Corporate Viewpoints, were some of the buildings in downtown Columbia. It's interesting to analyze how some of the buildings affected each other in capturing the city's reflective spirit. After all, these structures are icons of our present and other peoples' futures, and will be the records we leave behind to document our past. It is my aspiration that my art will become a valuable asset for present and future generations of Midlands residents.


Sunset Series

The Sunset Series brought me closer to home. The sunsets of Lake Murray and the Saluda River have a way of shedding light on the tranquility and serenity of nature in the Midlands. At the end of the day when the world seems to slow down, each of us should try to experience a brilliance even in darkness.

My paintings are timeless moments captured that may not be seen again. If you're interested in adding my art to your collection please contact me. Prints of both my series are also available.


Ladies In Red Series

The saying goes “When in doubt, wear red!” Here’s a series of “ladies” that were fun to paint. They range from angelic, fun-loving, spicy, and some even look downright scandalous.